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I recently became aware of the YouTube phenomenon of “premakes” – trailers for films as if they’d been made years ahead of their actual production dates, and stitched together from unrelated films.  Here’s one for a 50s version of “The Avengers”.  I wish this film had been made:

It’s been really cleverly put together. I recognised some of the films and movies serials used as sources, but not all of them. It’s a nice touch having Emma Peel stand in for the Black Widow.

Can you spot all the Marvel Comics characters featured? Here’s my list:

Captain America
Iron Man
Giant Man
The Wasp
The Black Widow
Peter Parker aka Spider Man
The Hulk
Rick Jones
Professor X
Nick Fury
Doctor Strange (or possibly Fu Manchu, I’m not sure)

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, can you do any better?

It’s also nice to see the inclusion of The Daily Bugle, Skrulls and the SHIELD Hellicarrier (aka the Spectrum Cloudbase). Clearly a labour of love by a true fan, I’ll have to watch out for more of these.

There is actually a real “Avengers” film coming up soon, if it’s half as much fun as this trailer it’ll be worth seeing.

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