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Most people will be familiar with the Boris Karloff version of Frankenstein, made in 1931 (although I’m personally more partial to the Hammer versions). But did you know that the very first film adaptation of Frankenstein was made by Thomas Edison’s film company a century ago, in 1910?

Here’s the film in its entirety – all 12 minutes of it:

Made in the days when films were ultra-short and therefore had to get right to the point, it’s obviously quite primitive, even compared to films that were made only ten years later, but still interesting to watch. I especiallly liked the creation scene (presumably done by filming a burning dummy in reverse). The plot – what there is of one – seems to me to be implying that Frankenstein and the monster are two aspects of the same personality, which was a theory that was in fashion for a while. An intersting bit of film history.

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